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3 Keys to Health

We believe there are 3 keys to unlocking your true health potential. 
These 3 keys will help relieve your pain, and help you move and feel your best!

At Kowalski Chiropractic Health & Performance we carry a deep respect for the human body and its ability to heal itself.   When your body is aligned and moving correctly your nervous system (which controls every aspect of your body's health) is able to function at its most optimal level. 


We devote careful attention to the biomechanics, structure, and function of the body and offer multiple therapeutic approaches to bring the body closer to a state of optimal health.


Food is the fuel your body uses to heal and function.  If you aren't giving your body good quality food it will have a hard time healing properly, and can eventually lead to pain and disease.  If you are in pain or are suffering from other symptoms this can be helped by cleaning up your diet and adding proper nutrition. 

We can help evaluate what foods could be causing your pain/symptoms, and come up with a good plan to give your body the proper foods and nutrients to help you feel your best!


We were made to move and stay active.  The health benefits of having an active lifestyle are endless.  Finding something you enjoy doing that can keep you moving and active is key.  

Once we get you out of pain and feeling good, we can give you an exercise program that will help keep you strong and stable. 

Movement is life!  The more you move the better you live.  The trick is to first, move well and then move often!

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