Golf Performance


Dr. Kowalski offers his diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of golf injuries to the golfers of the central Nebraska area.  Dr. Kowalski will provide better understanding about how funtional movement affects golf performance, and will help golfers understand how to condition themselves in order to prevent injury.


"To hit longer and more powerful golf shots, golfers must be willing to improve their posture and their flexibility." -Dr. Kowalski


Dr. Kowalski will first start by doing a complete posture and flexibility exam on each patient.  He will then be able to tell you where your restrictions are and where you could be prone to injury.  You will then be given strength and flexibility exercises to functionally improve your golf game and to help prevent injury.

"We want our patients to have the freedom to do the things that mean the most to them, and give them the opportunity to truly enjoy life. Whether you are a professional athlete or a stay at home mom, everyone can benefit from moving and functioning at their highest level."

-Dr. Kowalski

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