Corporate Wellness Program

Your employees are your greatest asset to your company and our office works hard to ensure that they are functioning in the workplace at 100%

We offer a complete soft tissue management system for companies

striving to reduce worker's compensation costs and recordable injury rates in the area of repetitive strain and strain/sprain injuries (MSD's). 

ART is recognized by OSHA and the department of labor as a wellness, prevention, or first aid measure.

Along with the onsite ART treatments we also offer:

Stretching – Comprehensive stretching programs customized to individual occupations to target common ergonomic injuries.


Exercises – Easy and simple exercises designed to improve posture, strengthen muscles, and improve mobility in joints that are potentially vulnerable in certain positions.

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Injuries at the workplace happen.  We also offer quality chiropractic care for these workers.

- Muscle Strains, Sprains, Sore Back, Shoulder, Knee, Foot, and other Joint Pains. 

We work with companies to get their workers back to work as soon as possible.  We use gentle chiropractic care along with other therapies to help heal the injured tissue itself and avoid expensive drugs and surgery.

"We want our patients to have the freedom to do the things that mean the most to them, and give them the opportunity to truly enjoy life. Whether you are a professional athlete or a stay at home mom, everyone can benefit from moving and functioning at their highest level."

-Dr. Kowalski

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