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Dr. Tyler Kowalski

Dr. Kowalski

-Doctor of Chiropractic
-Masters in Sports Science and Rehab
-Bachelors in Life Science (Logan)
-Bachelors in Health Science (UNK)



-Active Release Technique(Full Body)


-Activator Technique

-Diversified Technique
-Motion Palpation
-Thompson Technique
-Flex/Distraction Technique
-Kinesio Taping



     Dr. Tyler Kowalski was born and raised in Kearney, NE.  He graduated from Kearney Catholic in 2006, and graduated from UNK where he studied and earned a Health Science degree.  He is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, the national leader in chiropractic sports medicine, where his studies emphasized biomechanics, functional movement patterns, and sports medicine.  His doctorate studies included a clinical internship in the BioFreeze Sports and Rehabilitation Center.  While interning in the BioFreeze Center Dr. Kowalski was privileged to practice as a team chiropractor for the athletic programs at Missouri Baptist University, Lindenwood University, and the University of Missouri.


     In the field of sports chiropractic, Dr. Kowalski has worked with athletes of all abilities.  During his time in St. Louis, Dr. Kowalski worked with professional athletes from the St. Louis Cardinals, Rams, and Blues, along with many other college and high school athletes in the area.  Dr. Kowalski personally understands the needs of the athlete and is uniquely qualified to help you reach your next level of health.


     Dr. Kowalski's passion for improving the lives of those in his community has inspired him to being the most evidence-based and educated physician possible.  He focuses on the treatment of common neuro-musculoskeletal disorders (conditions of the nerves, muscles, and bones) and balancing the biomechanics of the body to treat his patients.  Dr. Kowalski truely evaluates what is causing patient's problems, not just treating symptoms,  which makes him one of the most effective chiropractors in Kearney, NE.


  Dr. Kowalski is passionate about giving back to the community where he grew up, and plans on using his previous education and experiences to positively impact Kearney and the surrounding area. 

"My purpose is to bring glory to God as I help improve the health of my community."

-Dr. Kowalski

When Dr. Kowalski is not treating people in his office he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, wife Paula, and daughter Harper.  He also enjoys playing basketball and golf in his free time.  You also won't find a bigger Husker fan, and Dr. Kowalski is always willing to talk husker football 24/7.


Dr. Kowalski has enjoyed moving back to the Kearney community and looks forward to  improving people's lives by restoring their health and performance.

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