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Nutritional Counseling

There is no better way to restore your health than by eating more nutritiously. Even a few simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can have positive health benefits. Proper nutrition and supplementation are also crucial for healing. Our bodies heal from the inside out. It makes sense to approach the treatment in much of the same way.


The first step is to create an internal environment that is conducive to healing and decreasing pain. Providing the body with the proper balance of nutrients will reduce pain and promote the body's natural ability to repair itself.

Food Allergy Testing

Do you know what foods you are allergic to?

With our food sensitivity test we can find out what foods are causing an inflammatory reaction in your body.  We don't even have to draw your blood.  All it takes is a finger prick and with our blood spot test we can test up to 94 different foods!  If you are feeling fatigued, having digestive problems, or any chronic illness it could be caused by an immune reaction to certain foods you are eating.  When your body has a reaction to a food it causes inflammation in your body.  Most autoimmune diseases, chronic illness, and even pain can be caused by too much inflammation in your body.  After we find what foods could be causing you problems, we will make a plan to help you heal your gut.   This will prevent your body from having an inflammatory reaction to those foods so you can enjoy them in the future!

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