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Chiropractic Adjustment

To put movement in a joint that is fixated, the doctor utilizes chiropractic manipulation or an adjustment to help restore normal function and motion in a joint. Our techniques employ gentle pressure or a shallow thrust to restore optimal motion.

     When your joints are not aligned and moving properly it is what chiropractors call a subluxation.  Subluxations can not only cause you to be in pain, they can effect your nervous system and its ability to function properly.  This can have an effect of you overall health and wellness.


"True HEALTH comes from the inside out.  Your body is the most powerful healing machine ever created. Your Nervous System is the master control for your body. Chiropractic helps enhance your body's healing abilities by making sure your spine is aligned and moving correctly which allows your nervous system to function at its most optimal level."

-Dr. Kowalski 

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