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Welcome to your Kearney NE Chiropractor!

Kowalski Chiropractic Health & Performance is a chiropractic clinic in Kearney, NE with many cutting edge, new approaches to patient treatments.  We work with patients to achieve fast and effective pain relief, increase functional movement and performance, and restore patients overall health and wellness.

Using chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release(ART), laser therapy, acupuncture, and vibration plate therapy, we have seen improvements in patients quicker than the average Doctor of Chiropractic.

Kowalski Chiropractic Health & Performance is a chiropractic office that offers service to children, adults, and athletes of all kinds.  Our mission is to "restore health and increase performance to help improve people's lives!"

Common Conditions Treated

Sports Injuries

 Neck Pain

 Back Pain



 Muscle & Joint Pain

 Whiplash/ Auto Accidents

 Pregnancy & Pediatric Care

Available Treatments

What makes us unique?

* Dr. Tyler Kowalski is one of the only chiropractors in central Nebraska with a Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehab.  He personally understands the needs of the athlete and is uniquely qualified to help you perform your best!


* Dr. Kowalski is A.R.T. full body certified.  This is a muscle/soft tissue technique used to help relieve muscle pain or soreness along with our chiropractic adjustments.


* We use ACUPUNCTURE along with our chiropractic treatments when necessary to help with many different conditions.


* We use VIBRATION PLATE THERAPY to complement our chiropractic treatments to help improve the outcomes our patients.


* We use class IV LASER THERAPY in our office as a natural way to help heal and treat many different injuries, aches and pains.


* Dr. Paula Kowalski specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care.  She can help you with pain associated with pregnancy, and can help make sure moms and babies recover properly from the birthing process.


* We have many custom built PROGRAMS to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.


* We create custom unique treatment plans based on each patients needs and goals; we believe in finding and treating the cause of the problem and not just treating symptoms.


* Same day examination and treatment!


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